Theater Wiring Questions


You should be able to do the work yourself without too much trouble.

I`m glad to see you have looked over the FAQ`s.

As for the theater, a 5.1 type system like you`ve described is perfect
for most of our customers unless your room is really long, over 25 ft.
front to back. If yes, then your should consider the side wall type
speakers to fill in the large gap.

You can run the one additional pair of speakers off most of the
receivers out there today by hooking to the “B” pair of front speakers.
Keep in mind that you need to turn off all the surround modes to hear
music through those auxiliary speakers.

We do sell wire in as little as 100 ft. spools here:

The connections are all just bare wire type connections. You can use
these wall plates if you want to clean up the install behind your gear:


> Name :
> Wilfred Hessert
> Message :
> I had contracted to have a surround sound system installed in our family room; The installer would provide the equipment or we could. I found a great buy on a Pioneer VSX-1014TX Receiver, and a Sony DVD/CD; Then, sadly, the installer came down with a spinal Cancer and was unable to do the work. They were going to provide the speakers, wiring, etc. This receiver provides 110W for Front, Center, Surround and Surround Back speakers. I`m willing to try installing a system myself, but need a recommendation on a balanced set of speakers. (Center, front surround L/R, Sub-woofer, and for the rear we`d like to install two ceiling speakers.(Isn`t that enough? or do we need side rear speakers also?) We`re also curious if we can run a speaker into the dining room area for dinner music sound. Read your FAQ on gauge of wire. Do you provide the wire in bulk runs and we have to install connectors? Distance from unit to rear ceiling speakers would be 26`. Distance to dining r
oom (which may not be doable and we`re not hung up on)is 50`. Distances include vertical run up wall then across ceiling to in ceiling speaker mounts. is Any advice and prices you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Gen. Hessert