Speaker Size for Home Theater?

Speaker Size for Home Theater?

Message : I am looking for a pair of in wall speakers to use as rear surround. I am looking for really great sound. I am looking at the 8″ because the ones you have are three way.

Please suggest what you think are the best for around $200. Also I want to be able in the future go with the same company for front and center in wall.

Thanks, Scott


As quoted here:
Speaker Size for Home Theater?

Generally 6 1/2″ speakers work best for home theater in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. You’re already going to be using a powered sub-Woofer for your theater room and that will take care of the low, low bass sounds. A subwoofer handles frequencies from about 120 hertz and lower (the low, boomy sounds).

Some people we have talked to wanted to use 8″ speakers for their home theater, because they figured “bigger is better”.  An 8″ speaker is made a little larger so it can reproduce lower sounds better. But in a home theater application, those sound ranges are already being handled by other equipment, and it would only be redundant.

So, when I get asked: What Speaker Size for Home Theater, a 6 1/2″ speaker will produce sounds from 80-100 hertz on up (mid-range type sounds like snare drums, gun shots, and snaps and higher). If you use the 8″ speaker in your home theater realm it will be slower to react to those mid-range noises than the 6 1/2″ speaker will because of it’s larger mass. Just like a sports car will be quicker off the line than a big truck.

In a theater type system when using a subwoofer, you are actually
creating a three way system. Your woofer is one, the mids are the
woofer in the wall/ceiling and the tweeters are the third way. So
you`ll get all the good midrange you`d expect out of a three way system,
it just might look a little different in the end.

So the speaker size for home theater?  Generally, smaller because you’ve got the subwoofer.

As for a recommendation, take a look at the speakers that have the
closest match for the type of material you have on the front channels of
your system now to match up the “timbre” or characteristics of the type
of sounds that come from the speakers. Here are some recommendations for Theater Kits here: