Ceiling Speakers in Outlet Boxes

Name : Richard (Terry) Briggs

 Message :
 My new house has the ceiling prewired for speakers. It has the small cream color standard plastic covers now. Can I install speakers without cutting more into the ceiling? Can I use the existing space to mount speakers? Can the covers be color matched to the ceiling or do we paint them? Do you also sell the electronic equipment needed to create a surround sound system?


You can mount round speakers in such a way to cover the hole made by
those boxes. You just have to be careful on placement of your template
and cut just to the the edge of those corners.

Then, your only problem left is rotating the dog-ears into position.
There will be one that rotates up against the stud you`re working on.
You rotate that one out before you insert the speaker into the opening,
then twist the whole speaker frame to snug up against the stud and
tighten down.

All the speakers can be painted.



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